YOU CAN HELP with these Life Changing Programs

You can help CHANGE or SAVE a Carers LIFE with our unique Health Restoration and Mental Health Resilience programs

Attend a Young Carer Program

Take a break, have some fun,  and meet other teens who get what you’re going through.

Attend a Wellness Retreat Program

If you are not COPING, our 3 Day wellness programs will help you restore your health, connect with others that truly understand and get real support by real caring people.


DID YOU KNOW there are Children as young as Eight are Caring for their Sick Parents or Siblings – WHO CARES FOR THEM?


The Carers Foundation Australia provides unique wellness programs to support the emotional, physical and mental wellbeing of unpaid Carers.



Our Impact 

The Carers Foundation Australia provides Carers with our unique wellness programs to support their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Hundreds of carers have attended our programs and found that they are better able to cope with their role when they return home.

The most significant impact are the new meaningful connections established and improved mental health resilience to prevent health crisis breakdowns . Carers are more engaged and connected, empowered have increased capacity and feel valued.

As of 2022 The Carers Foundation Australia has supported:

  • 3000+ Carers attending our wellness programs to support from compassion fatigue
  • Thousands of meaningful social connections developed
  • 680 new referrals made
  • Individual and group carer-specific counselling sessions delivered
  • Hundreds of stress management and mental health resilience workshops delivered
  • Hundreds of healing therapies delivered on site and in-home
  • Online programs during Covid restrictions
  • Over 98% of participants report a significant reduction in stress after a program


"I've had a longing or someone to take care of me - thank you so much. It has been a wonderful stay and everything has been amazing. Excellent...


"What a great place for peace and tranquillity. I have never experienced such a peaceful weekend to help me get some of my energy back To Mike...


“I have been privileged enough to attend the wellness programs which have been fantastic. I’ve stayed in contact with most of the carers I’ve met...


My days are full- the nights to short. Some peace and quiet "me time" a great thought. Then, in the mail, the answer came. A carer's retreat - to...


The hardest thing about being a young carer isn’t helping out around the house, it isn’t the cleaning and cooking meals. It’s the isolation. Being a...


"To the wonderful people at Cedar Creek, Many thanks for an amazing weekend. You guys do an incredible thing here. Beautiful surroundings,...


"There are no words to describe the friendliness, warmth, depth of caring and welcoming that all of you Mike, Ronnie and Jan have extended to us ....


"This weekend has been so great, the beautiful surroundings of green tree and hills, and the calming sounds of waterfalls, is so full of energy an...
Our unique programs assist to avert health crisis breakdowns in carers resulting from compassion fatigue 
The reality is that there are young children caring for their sick or disabled parent or siblings, of which the general public are totally unaware.
Even elderly Carers over 85 years old still care for their disabled or medically unwell children or partner, often experiencing injuries, and or abuse.
WHO CARES for these unsung Heroes?
The Carers Foundation Australia offers REAL support by REAL people who CARE


PHONE: 1800 WHOCARES – 1800 946 227

EMAIL: info@thecarersfoundation.org