The Carers Foundation

The Carers Foundation aims to address the very real issues facing Carers in our community, who work 24 hours a day without pay. These issues include financial hardship, social isolation, health and wellbeing issues, physical injuries, frustration, depression and other mental health conditions, and extreme stress and exhaustion.

Our Mission is to be an advocate to care givers in the community by establishing a purpose built, inspirational and nurturing Education and Wellness Support Centre that provides Carers with health renewal, recognition, education and regular quality relief from stress. This in turn will allow care givers to flourish with renewed vitality and empowerment.


The Carers Foundation Australia are honoured to announce a three-year partnership with The Coca Cola Australia Foundation.

This partnership will allow the Carers Foundation Australia to focus on young carers aged between 13-19 years old, that are the primary caregivers for their parents or siblings with chronic medical or mental illness, disability or cancer. There are more than 3 million carers in Australia, and 400,000 of these are under the age of 20.

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