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About The Foundation

The Carers Foundation has been established in direct response to the growing number of Carers in our community and the shortage of respite available to support them, at both a community and private level. There are many amazing organisations which support those that are being cared for, but the issues facing the Carers themselves are not being addressed on any comprehensive or widespread scale.

We have identified the need to support these carers through preventative health promotion as their own health is a major issue not being recognised. The majority of carers rarely find time for their own health and wellbeing, leading to chronic mental and physical illness.

It is imperative we care for carers health and wellness; as they have the greatest impact on the carers recipient. It is a documented fact that when carers are healthy and relaxed, they are more connected and active within their daily activities, community/social networks, plus they are able to maintain their caring role more efficiently.

The Carers Foundation has been approved by the ACNC as a health and education promotion charity, with DGR 1 status. All donations are fully tax deductable.

The founding members have had a burning passion for more than a decade, to provide a stable platform offering regular quality ‘Care for Carers’. Since operating and caring for carers at a private retreat west of Brisbane, they have seen first-hand how little respite is available to ease the desperate plight of Australia’s 2.8 million house-bound carers.

The co-founders have identified this area of need in the community that is presently not being addressed, as currently there is no specific funding available for carer respite, nor a centre specifically for carers. They have despaired that the little they are able to offer people who sometimes have not had a day off in 20 years of caring for loved ones is “just the tip of the iceberg”.

In Queensland alone, one in eight people are registered as carers and across the country carers are estimated to save the economy over $60billion annually.

There is a need for a shift from crisis care management to prevention and intervention. Our focus is in the preventative space....and that is for carers to have regular quality rejuvenation to prevent major crisis breakdowns. From illness focus to wellness focus healthcare.

Supporting carers is not a cost, but an investment in the health and wealth of Australia.


The Carers Foundation is passionate about caring for carers. Our mission is to be an advocate to care givers in the community by establishing a purpose built, rejuvenation centre available 24/7 specifically for carers. This will be a tranquil environment where carers will be nurtured, nourished, educated, empowered and be with other like-minded carers in similar situations. Being in nature naturally rejuvenates the body, mind and soul. This in turn will allow care givers to flourish with renewed vitality and empowerment.

Our emphasis for carers is based on wellness focused healthcare, by offering regular quality relief and support from compassion fatigue with a preventative model of care. We have seen firsthand the significant difference these rejuvenation breaks make to carers’ lives. This has inspired us to fulfil the mission for the carer’s foundation.

“Care givers are unsung heroes of the community”

Whilst the Carers’ Foundation is established in Queensland with the initial centre being in Brisbane, OUR VISION is to replicate the CARERS FOUNDATION Education and Wellness Support Centres Nationally.

Despite there being over 2.8 million carers in Australia, there is no rejuvenation centre specifically for carers, until now.

We are passionate about our vision and committed to make it a reality.


Objectives of the Carer’s Foundation are to:

  • Inspire
  • Empower
  • Revitalise
  • Nurture
  • Nourish
  • Educate Carers

These objectives are aimed at addressing the impact and challenges of Caring, which include:

Health & Wellbeing
It is a documented fact that Carers have the lowest levels of wellbeing of any Australian group. Issues arise for carers when they stop looking after themselves and focus entirely on the person whom they are looking after. Usually, this leads to poor physical and mental health and leads to a downward spiral in their day to day coping.

Social Isolation
Providing care takes both a lot of energy and time. Carers are more likely than the general population to have little face-to-face contact with friends or relatives outside the household, especially when caring for someone with high level care needs. Carers often begin to socially withdraw from friends and relatives. This often results in increasing isolation and loneliness, leading to severe depression and often suicidal thoughts.

Extreme Stress & Exhaustion
More than one third of carers are experiencing severe or extreme stress. Anxiety – Sleeplessness - Emotional volatility- Concentration problems – all lead to chronic stress and associated health problems.

Carers often miss out on important social relationships, including those associated with work, recreation and leisure pursuits, which leaves them feeling very frustrated. Often frustration experienced by a carer turns into anger directed at the person with being cared for.

Severe Depression and Anxiety
For many carers feeling sad or hopeless and a general sense that things will never get better, is a daily concern. Recent research indicates that one in six carers contemplate suicide, and 20% actually do so.

Physical Injuries
Musculoskeletal injuries as a direct result of providing care. Mostly back injuries, generally caused by lifting, lowering or carrying, ie manual handling tasks.

Financial Hardship
50% of PRIMARY CARERS are on a low income with many finding it hard to cover living expenses, save money or have the opportunity to accumulate or preserve superannuation. Add to this the cost of extra expenses such as medical, disability aids, health care and transport, the overall cost can be enormous.

The urgency is to prevent health-crisis-breakdown in carers with these rejuvenation programs.

The immediate effects not only benefit the carers; as the health and wellbeing of the carer impacts immediately on the carers recipient, but their immediate family, and the community.


Our emphasis for carers is based on wellness focused healthcare, by offering regular quality relief and support from compassion fatigue with a preventative model of care. We have seen firsthand the significant difference these rejuvenation breaks make to carers’ lives.

This has inspired us to fulfil the mission for the carer’s foundation.

The Carers Foundation provides a Healing Haven for Carers where they can have regular quality support from compassion fatigue. It is a documented fact that carers have the worst physical and mental wellbeing of any known group in the community, and receive little support.

Carers may come for a day, or several days if time permits. At the centre, Carers will be empowered, inspired, nourished, nurtured, and educated, so they can continue their caring role with good health and improved knowledge.

“The estimated replacement value of care provided annually is over $60 BILLION”

Carer support will encompass:

  • A rejuvenation centre to provide appropriate accommodation, and education facilities.
  • Provision of wellness information, self-care material and healthy nutritious food.
  • Relaxation and stress management activities as well as education.
  • Healing natural therapies such as massage and reflexology,
    Onsite counselling, grief support, information on death and dying.
  • Wellness Education on self-care and training
  • Social Support to alleviate loneliness and isolation when returning home
  • Workshops and conferences with the latest Research and treatments for the specific condition of the care recipient
  • Peaceful, tranquil environment to have time for themselves, or be with others in similar situations


We believe that;

Carers deserve regular quality support from compassion fatigue, in a nurturing, peaceful and supportive environment.

All caregivers should be acknowledged and valued for the significant work they do, including aged care, mental health, young carers, disability care, cancer care and end of life care.

Carers are worthy to have time to themselves, as well as opportunities to feel renewed with health and vitality so that they are able to continue their caring role.

The community should understand, respect, values and empowers all people that are caregivers in society.

Caregivers are entitled to receive updated research and medical information about the recipient they care for, through workshops, seminars and mentoring information

Carers are entitled to receive the latest techniques to reduce stress and anxiety

Carers receive the best information about health and wellbeing to keep themselves, and their recipient well and out of hospital

All carers are entitled to meet with other like-minded carers so they can problem solve, make new friends that understand their situation, and for ongoing social support at home through social media and carer forums to reduce loneliness and isolation

We are a solution to Government for maintaining carer’s health and wellbeing with a preventative model of care, so carers can continue in their caring roles, and avoid admissions to hospitals


Some words from our Carers