Adult Wellbeing Programs

Our well-being programs will allow you to rest and restore your energy, reduce anxiety and stress, build new support networks to make lifelong friends, and ultimately improve your ability to cope with your role.

We offer ONE-DAY pamper restoration days and Three-day comprehensive programs to restore and rebalance your mental and physical wellness.

These programs are focused on your mental well-being and physical restoration which are inclusive of:

Mental-health resilience workshops and coping strategies

Wellness education and self-care information

Counselling – in groups or individual

Remedial therapies including massages, crystal bowl healing, Yoga or gentle movement

Creative Therapies including art workshops, photography, music, flower therapy

Accommodation and All meals

NO COST to eligible Carers

Young Carer Wellbeing Programs

ONE and THREE-DAY programs are designed for young teens between the ages of 12 and 20 years old who care for family members at home.

Our wellbeing programs provide an opportunity to rest, have some fun, make friends with other young people who understand and are in similar situations, and ultimately improve your ability to cope with your role.

Emergency CARE

Emergency care is available for those Carers that are not coping, and totally exhausted.

This can be accessed 7 days a week at a private tranquil location.

If you are a service provider and identify a Carer in crisis, please contact us.

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