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The Carers Foundation Australia is a Registered DGR1 Charity, so ALL DONATIONS are fully TAX DEDUCTABLE
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DID YOU KNOW THAT CHILDREN AS YOUNG AS EIGHT are caring for their parent or sibling at home?
Who cares for these young people?

FOR LESS THAN $1 per day, YOU can help us to make a difference to unpaid Family Carers, particularly to a young carers, by becoming a monthly donor. By doing so you will be making a significant difference to a young persons life, and assist so many other forgotten young people in the community.

These young people have very little support, and DO NOT CHOOSE to be a carer.
The reality right now is that there are 420,000 Young Carers in Australia under 24 and many people have no idea they exist
• 50% living in circumstances of disadvantage
• 60% unemployed
• 40% don’t finish high school
• 2 out of 3 have a mental illness such as major anxiety disorders, isolation issues, and severe depression, leading to suicide
• Research has proven that Young carers are amongst the most marginalised groups in the Australian community
• Moments of happiness &possibility are few and far between for these young people
$30 a month you can help us to continue to Care for these Young Carers.
All you have to do is DONATE through the section on the side with your chosen amount using your CREDIT CARD


1. Set up direct debit through your own bank for $30 a month (or more if you appreciate what carers do) with your ‘surname’ in the subject; to be deposited to;

BSB – 034-272
Account Number – 277244

2. Email Us with confirmation & your address for receipting purposes…

And as easy as that you will be helping us change the world for unpaid Young Caregivers in the community. Your money goes towards Mental Health Resilience workshops to allow young people to cope when they return home.

REAL Support by REAL people in a nurturing, inspiring environment inclusive of;

• Stress Management workshops – learn to manage the debilitating stress associated with Caring
• Mental Health Resilience
• Wellness and Self Care Education to learn how to Care for themselves
• Be with others in similar situations
• Make new connections to alleviate Social isolation when returning home
• Be with others that really understand their situation
• Empowering Education for Mindfulness Management, and most importantly
• Healing Natural therapies
• Time to do the everyday things we take for granted, such as talking to others, enjoying quiet time, having a meal prepared for them, reading a book or doing some art therapy, and knowing they are appreciated for what they do.

THANK YOU for your life changing support!

WE CARE FOR CARERS OF ALL AGES, so if you prefer to DONATE towards an Adult Carer Program, please let us know.


Bank Details – Direct deposit details
The Carers Foundation Holdings Ltd
BSB – 034-272
Account Number – 277244

Cheque to “The Carers Foundation Australia”
P.O. Box 256, Samford, Qld, 4520


If you would like to volunteer with us in any capacity to help us “Care for Carers” we would love to contact us via our email form, and one of our team will get back to you ASAP with our Volunteer package information.

We also Welcome Organisations to Volunteer with us or offer any expertise to assist the Foundation. Please email us at info@thecarersfoundation.org

You will experience Life changing transformations with the younger and adult Carers.