Ian Haug is an Australian musician and the lead guitarist, songwriter, and backing vocalist in the rock band Powderfinger from its formation in 1989 until its breakup in 2010. He is presently a member of The Church and operates Airlock studios which Ian started with some friends back in 1996. Since then hundreds of artists have used Airlock as a recording space.

Through Airlock, Ian encourages and inspires other musicians to pursue their ambitions and dreams.

Ian recently engaged in one of our ‘Joy and Inspiration projects’, for our Young Carer Daniel. Because Young Carers miss out on their teenage years, and don’t get to do things that normal teens do, these projects allow them to fulfill their dreams they thought were never possible.

Ian selflessly fulfilled one of Daniels dreams, which you can see here…..




Ian was quite inspired to learn about teens like Daniel caring for their parents and or siblings and what they have to do, as like most of the community he was totally unaware.

We are so fortunate that Ian has agreed to volunteer as an Ambassador for The Carers Foundation Australia to help us raise awareness for Carers and teens such as Daniel, in caring roles.