Joan has had firsthand experience in the role of carer. Joan cared for her partner Philip throughout his treatment for prostate cancer and was able to fulfil his final wish which was to die at home. Since Philip’s death Joan has been passionate about helping and supporting other carers.

Joan initially connected with the Carers’ Foundation following the release of her book ‘Who Cares -help for those caring for seriously ill loved ones at home’. With a background in communications, extensive experience (and being very comfortable)with a microphone in her hand and a powerful story to tell, Joan willingly joined the team at The Foundation and happily accepted the honour of being an ambassador.

Joan’s business JwJ Consulting is located in the Samford Valley (at Mt Samson). She lives and breathes her philosophy of ‘live life to the fullest’. A seasoned traveller (her 40th birthday present to herself of a 12 month adventure backpacking the world), she now spread her energy across her business, her family (she is a very proud grandmother), her menagerie of animals, her equestrian pursuits and her role as vocalist and lyric writer in the Brisbane based band Calcite. Proving you are ‘never too old’, Joan’s latest adventure is to take up dressage at the tender age of 60, after all, ‘it’s only too late if you don’t start now’.