Our Vision


  • To provide regular quality support from compassion fatigue for care givers in the community, in a nurturing, peaceful and supportive environment
  • To provide unique programs for carers at a center specifically for carers, which is a solution to long term carer wellness
  • For the community to understand, respect, value and empower all people that are caregivers in society.
  • That all caregivers will be acknowledged and valued for the significant work they do, including aged care, mental health, young carers, disability care, cancer care and end of life care.
  • To provide an avenue for carers to feel renewed with health and vitality so that they are able to continue their caring role
  • To engage with other health service providers who identify and refer Carers who are at high risk and in need of rejuvenation and education support with our programs
  • Increase awareness of carer issues to the broader community. Caring can be very lonely, leading to mental health issues
  • Extend to other volunteer caregivers in the community such as health workers, counsellors, farmers, firefighters, teachers, and any community based carers that suffer from compassion fatigue.
  • To be a solution to Government for maintaining carers health and well-being, so that carers can continue in their caring roles with renewed wellness and education, thereby avoiding admissions to hospital.
  • To provide online community with social support to alleviate loneliness, and social isolation, so carers can and problem solve with other like minded carers.

OUR VISION is to provide a purpose built Education and Wellness Support Center for Carers Australia wide.

We are passionate about our vision and committed to doing all we can to make it a reality.