How you can support us

How you can support us


There are many ways in which you can become involved with us to help support unpaid Carers, including children as young as 12. Our passion is to care for Carers and provide as much support as possible.
It’s a proven fact that GIVING is beneficial to your health and wellbeing, Supporting those that do so much for others is extremely gratifying and you will be abundant with warm and fuzzy feelings.
Win – win situation.




You can donate directly to us HERE




Young children usually have no choice to become a Carer, where they have to provide support for a member of their family with a medical or mental health conditions, disability or other illness.
Therefore, they miss out on so much and deserve something special. You can make a young person’s dream come true with our ‘Joy and Inspiration Program’, to let them experience something they never thought they would have.
It may not even be much, like our young teen carer Daniel who was 15. He loved music and all wanted was to go to a live concert as he had never been to one, nor could afford it.
Not only did Daniel get to his concert, he met Ian Haug from Powderfinger and had an amazing one on one guitar lesson with him, plus a new guitar gifted to him.
Your organisation can be involved from the very beginning to help us organise these special surprise experiences that will be so meaningful and change their young lives forever.
Each experience is unique for that teen and makes them feel so inspired and valued. We guarantee that these experiences are contagious, and your team will become as passionate as we are for supporting these amazing young people.
Here is a video of Daniels experience and how these young people are affected by these special projects.
Its people like Ian Hoag that make a difference in young peoples lives – Thank you.





We provide ONE and THREE-DAY wellness programs to unpaid carers to prevent health crisis breakdowns. These Carers can be as young as 12, and are usually not coping due to the extreme stress, anxiety and exhaustion.
You can sponsor a Wellness Program for these selfless people to allow them to heal and recharge, which is often lifesaving to them.
Your team can be involved in the actual retreats, meet the participants, be involved in the activities or just fund the programs so Carers can attend.
You will receive feedback from the participants, and plenty of social media shout outs and coverage.
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Join us to be one of our fundraising heroes for our annual signature event ‘UNSUNG HEROES’ where we will have 8 prominent business and community leaders take to the stage for a sign off finale, raising funds for our real unsung heroes – unpaid family carers.
If you are interested in becoming a fundraiser singer please contact us here
You can see our current singers Here


Our highly successful WHO CARES? campaign has raised much awareness with VIP’s and celebrities.
If your company would like to be involved we have some fun ways to support the foundation and exposure for your company to be seen with celebrities, or have celebrity endorsement.
Please email info@thecarersfoundation.org






PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT – Any professional services are greatly appreciated.
GRANTS – Any grants from your organisation you can refer us to apply for.
WORKPLACE GIVING – Your team can donate every month
BEQUEATHS OR LIVING WILLS – Email info@thecarersfoundation.org



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