What we do for Carers

We build carer resilience

Because resilient carers are happier, healthier and have more capacity to care well for longer periods of time.

How we work

Our programs target critical outcomes known to increase carer resilience. There outcomes include:

  1. Build stronger support network
  2. Reduce anxiety
  3. Increase self compassion
  4. Increase self confidence
  5. Increased ability to cope

We conduct intensive wellness programs that are comprised of evidence informed activities that drive these outcomes. The following table describes the activities and targeted outcomes.

Key Activities Immediate Outcome Program Outcomes
1 Connect carers who share similar histories Carers feel understood and less alone in their experience. 1,5
2 Facilitate workshops with peers and professionals to help carers problem solve medical and behavioural problems Carers identify new resources or supports. 1,2,5
3 Rest in a tranquil environment – that’s right, sleep is a stand alone activity at The Carers Foundation. Reduced sense of exhaustion. 2,5
4 Therapeutic treatments for pain relief and relaxation Reduced pain and increased sense of relaxation. 2,5
5 Innovative, evidence-informed stress management workshops to teach carers adaptable strategies to manage stress at home Increased knowledge of how to process stress and difficult emotions. 2,3,4,5
6 Intensive individual and group counselling support Increased knowledge of how to process stress and difficult emotions. 2,3,4,5

What we’ve achieved so far


545 carers have attended our wellness programs


1090 carer-specific counselling sessions delivered


2970 meaningful social connections made


545 stress management workshops delivered


273 new referrals made


97% of participants report a significant reduction in stress after a program


Where we work

The Carers Foundation Australia is based in Brisbane, Australia. We are seeking funding to expand our services nationally. If you would like to see our wellness programs in your area, please sign up for a program now and tell us your location.