Young Carer Wellbeing Programs

Young Carer Wellbeing Programs

If you are a young person between the ages of 13 and 19 and care for someone at home, The Carers Foundation Australia is here to help you take a break. Our wellbeing programs provide you with an opportunity to rest, have some fun, make friends with other young people who understand what you’re going through, and ultimately improve your ability to cope with your role.

These programs are conducted in the tranquil surrounds of the Samford Valley, 30 minutes from the Brisbane CBD.

At a Carers Foundation young carer wellbeing program, you will:

  • Rest and recuperate in your own private room to help ease your exhaustion
  • Enjoy delicious, healthy, chef-prepared meals to help nurture your body
  • Make meaningful friendships with other young carers who share a similar history so you feel understood and less alone
  • Workshop medical or behavioural problems with other carers and professionals so you leave with new resources and support to help you at home
  • Complementary healing therapies to reduce pain and help your body relax
  • Group and individual therapy sessions with specially trained counsellors so you can speak openly without feeling judged and leave feeling more compassionate towards yourself and your loved one.
  • Art therapy, music therapy, yoga and mindfulness classes
  • Participate in innovative stress management workshops so you are more confident in handling difficult situations when you get home.
  • Take home resources you can refer back to whenever you need some extra help at home.
  • Have fun and have time to just chill out and be with other young people
  • Receive follow-up online and phone support to ensure you never feel alone or isolated.

Young carer wellbeing programs are available at no cost to all eligible carers.