Who Cares? Campaign

What is the WHO CARES CAMPAIGN about?

We are launching our ‘WHO CARES’ campaign primarily to raise awareness for Carers and The Carers Foundation since we support Carers physical, emotional and mental health with our unique wellness programs.

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Unpaid Carers are the unsung heroes in the community.

Did you know there are children from the ages of EIGHT who have no choice to become a Carer?

In their teens, two thirds of these kids develop serious mental health issues such as anxiety, extreme stress, depression often leading to suicide due to the unrelenting pressure they endure every day.

Did you know there are elderly over 80 still caring for their disabled or sick child or spouse? Many of these elderly are exposed to accidental abuse from aggressive behaviour or have physical injuries due to caring.

Social isolation is a normal issue for carers. Not just during a pandemic, they are isolated 24/7 all year round.


In light of the recent events, Covid19 has amplified these issues for Carers;

  • they have lost their normal supports and services in home;
  • they cannot attend vital therapies and medical appointments
  • they received no additional financial support like others did
  • they are living with increased fear of their loved ones getting the virus, and even more so if they get the virus who will care for their loved one;
  • with children not going to school the stress has increased considerably trying to teach and care, and
  • for younger Carers they are not getting any reprieve from their caring duties and they missing out on the only normal routine they had, which was going to school.



Much attention had been focused on the front line and health workers, rightly so, however they choose their career and get paid for it.

Carers don’t!

Carers get no acknowledgement for what they do, rarely choose to become a Carer and get no compensation or time off.  They give up their life to care for their loved one, and Covid19 has amplified stress for these families so that they are not coping.


We are seeking everyday heroes, Celebrities, VIP’s, sports people, musicians, people of influence and organisations to wear our ‘Who Cares’ Tee Shirt to join the ‘WHO CARES’ movement to show WE CARE.


You can purchase your ‘WHO CARES?’ Tee here.

Instructions Once you have received your Tee Shirt;

EACH of you take a selfies/video/boomerang of the front and back with the logo clearly visible. Additionally, you can also do a family /group shot to share.



I’m supporting the @CarersFoundation – who support our unsung Carer Heroes in the community

JOIN THE “WHO CARES?” MOVEMENT WITH ME #carersfoundation #wecareforcarers

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To join the “Who Cares?” movement with me or as many as you like




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Please tag your 3 friends of influence that you challenge to participate – so we can raise awareness.

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You can purchase your ‘WHO CARES?’ Tee here to show YOU CARE!